• encore-magazine-feature-pine-lake-parts-shelly-and-pat-cooper-july-2018

    Pat and Shelly Cooper stand amid hundreds of antique, old and new boat parts in their Plainwell business, Pine Lake Parts.

    © 2018 Encore Publications/Brian Powers

    From the Ashes Pine Lake Parts turns disaster into an unlikely business success
  • encore-magazine-feature-see-your-town-June-2018

    © 2018 Encore Publications/Brian Powers

    See Your Town Like a Tourist Do what the locals do
  • encore-magazine-feature-artist-mary-hatch-may-2018

    The red glasses that artist Mary Hatch wears are nearly as memorable as her many paintings.

    © 2018 Encore Publications/Brian Powers

    What’s going on here? Mary Hatch’s paintings tell stories and ask questions
  • encore-magazine-features-gilmore-chenery-April-2018

    Crowds stream their way into Chenery Auditorium during the Gilmore Keyboard Festival.

    ©The Gilmore/Chris McGuire

    'Magic that can only happen here' Gilmore Festival aims to make Kalamazoo a 'cultural destination'
  • encore-magazine-feature-pierre-van-der-westhuizen-april-2018

    Pianist Pierre can der Westhuizen has been playing piano for almost 30 years.

    Taking Chances New Gilmore director believes in serendipity
  • encore-magazine-feature-food-trucks-kalamazoo's-food-truck-scene-is-revving-up-march-2018

    John Schmitt orders food at an evening Food Truck Rally held in downtown Kalamazoo. Photo by Entrada Photography by Esther Tuttle.

    Food Trucks Keep It Fresh Creativity and uniqueness are key to this mobile food culture
  • encore-magazine-feature-cosplay-deadpool-beauty-cinderella-february-2018

    Local cosplayers, from left: Jennifer Smargiasso (Beauty), Jake Andrews (Deadpool), and Laura Schubkegel (Cinderella).

    © 2018 Encore Publications/Brian Powers

    Cosplay on Display From stormtroopers to superheroes, this is serious dress-up
  • Encore-Magazine-WMU-Dancer-2017-photos-December-2017

    WMU dance student Samantha Soltis rehearses Loïe Fuller’s Fire Dance. Photo taken for January 2017 Encore.

    © 2017 Encore Publications/Brian Powers

    Revealed A treasure trove of unpublished Encore photos from this year's stories
  • Encore-Magazine-Features--Food-Medicine-November-2017

    © 2017 Encore Publications/Brian Powers

    Food Medicine The prescription for health is on your plate
  • Encore-Magazine-Features-Texas-Corners-Taps-October-2017

    The restaurants' taps feature Texas Corners Brewing Co.’s brews and ciders.

    © 2017 Encore Publications/Brian Powers

    Tractors, Taps and Tables How a farming family branched out into the brewery business

Mr. Crispy greets our picnicking couple in Portage.

© 2018 Encore Publications/Brian Powers

Experience Some Local ColorLearn, or rediscover, what makes Kalamazoo unique

© 2018 Encore Publications/Brian Powers

See Your Town Like a TouristDo what the locals do

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Conservancy staffers share favorite spots to enjoy nature

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