• Encore-Magazine-WMU-Dancer-2017-photos-December-2017

    WMU dance student Samantha Soltis rehearses Loïe Fuller’s Fire Dance. Photo taken for January 2017 Encore.

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    Revealed A treasure trove of unpublished Encore photos from this year's stories
  • Encore-Magazine-Features--Food-Medicine-November-2017

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    Food Medicine The prescription for health is on your plate
  • Encore-Magazine-Features-Texas-Corners-Taps-October-2017

    The restaurants' taps feature Texas Corners Brewing Co.’s brews and ciders.

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    Tractors, Taps and Tables How a farming family branched out into the brewery business
  • Encore-Magazine-Features-Edward-Montgomery-WMU-September-2017

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    Edward Montgomery WMU’s ninth ‘Bronco-in-Chief’ takes the reins
  • Encore-Magazine-Feature-Permaculture-Mike-Hoag-Kim-Willis-August-2017

    Kim Willis and Mike Hoag stand in front of Lillie House, their home and permaculture garden on Douglas Avenue.

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    Beautiful & Bountiful Lillie House Permaculture creates pathways to plenty
  • Encore-Magazine-Features-Ice-Cream-Favorites-july-2017

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    Flavor Faves The ice cream tastes that locals go for
  • Encore-Magazine-Arts-Jeremiah-Barnes-June-2017 A Lot of Buzz How Jeremiah Barnes’ business keeps him as busy as his bees
  • Encore-Magazine-KVCC-Food-Innovation-students-October-2016

    KVCC student Tristin Janson, left, and production manager Ben Bylsma, far right, work a row of plants as Rachel Bair and instructor Lee Arbogast (center left and right, respectively) observe.

    From Seed to Saute KVCC students learn food innovation from the ground up
  • Renee Newman and Derek Theil

    Renee Newman and Derek Theil in the doorway of “Felix,” the 1964 Airstream trailer they lovingly restored.

    Camping, Old Style Vintage Trailers are becoming trendy, but it takes a special breed to love them

Istock photography

Human trafficking Local groups are fighting community’s hidden, but pervasive problem

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Food MedicineThe prescription for health is on your plate

What's Happening in SW Michigan

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President, CEO and chairman, Miller Davis Co.