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  • encore-magazine-feature-esports-wmu-players-April-2019

    Students try out for the esports teams at Western Michigan University. Photo courtesy of WMU.

    Esports Has Arrived Area schools and businesses get in on competitive gaming
  • encore-magazine-feature-pursuing-peace-team-march-2019

    Among those working together to stop group violence are, from left, Yafinceio Harris of Peace During War; Brian Parsons of Urban Alliance; Michael Wilder of Peace During War; Thosha Suggs, mother of group violence victim Timothy Palmer; and Dave Boysen, Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety Assistant Chief.
    Photo collage by Brian K. Powers.

    © 2019 Encore Publications/Brian Powers

    Pursuing Peace Street teams target individuals in effort to stop group violence
  • encore-magazine-feature-murphy-darden-portrait-february-2019 Wrangling Black History Local ‘cowboy’ lassos the past one artifact and artwork at a time
  • encore-magazine-feature-plaza-corp-kalamazoo-skyline-january-2019

    When completed, The Exchange building currently under construction in downtown Kalamazoo will bring a new outline to the city’s iconic skyline.

    © 2018 Encore Publications/Brian Powers

    Building Skyscrapers and Saving History PlazaCorp’s work is transforming Kalamazoo, one project at a time
  • encore-magazine-feature-revealed-bill-nichols-spiral-staircase-december-2018

    A spiral staircase handcrafted by Bill Nichols for his Schoolcraft home (August 2016).

    © 2018 Encore Publications/Brian Powers

    Revealed 2018 Unseen Encore images
  • encore-magazine-featur-rendal-wall-guitar-november-2018

    Rendal Wall in “Rendal’s Guitar Lounge” at Heritage Guitar Inc.

    © 2018 Encore Publications/Brian Powers

    The Guitar Guru Those who know Rendal Wall say he’s ‘the real deal’
  • encore-magazine-chief-thomas-cover-october-2018

    Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety Police Chief Karianne Thomas, front and center, stands with some of the “people that make it happen”: Back row, from left: Public Safety Officer (PSO) Ellen Arnold, Sgt. Dave Juday, Assistant Chief David Boysen, PSO Alex Araujo, Captain Chris Franks and Lt. Scott VanderEnde. Front row, from left: Executive Lt. Rafael Diaz, Thomas and Lt. Danielle Guilds.

    © 2018 Encore Publications/Brian Powers

    'And, boom, here I am' KDPS chief tackles a changing landscape
  • encore-magazine-RAI-jets-hangar-september-2018

    © 2018 Encore Publications/Brian Powers

    The Jet Set Siblings pilot the success of RAI Jets
  • encore-magazine-feature-poet-diane-seuss-august-2018

    Works by poet Diane Seuss draw much from her rural Southwest Michigan roots.

    © 2018 Encore Publications/Brian Powers

    Full Life with Poetry Diane Seuss' rural roots and love of art infuse her new collection
  • encore-magazine-feature-see-your-town-June-2018

    © 2018 Encore Publications/Brian Powers

    See Your Town Like a Tourist Do what the locals do
encore-magazine-feature-esports-understanding-arena-April 2019

Computers await players at WMU’s Esports Arena.

© 2019 Encore Publications/Brian Powers

E-what?Understanding the emerging world of esports

Once sworn enemies, Michael Wilder, left, and Yafincieo Harris, right, now run the youth mentoring program Peace During War and are part of the GVI street team.

© 2019 Encore Publications/Brian Powers

Making PeaceSworn enemies work together to help others leave violence behind

What's Happening in SW Michigan

Good Works

No pressure for young players in this soccer club


Schoolcraft couple crafts seasoning blends, vinegars and teas


Rock and gem show attracts collectors and the curious


Regalia photos capture modern Potawatomi stories

Back Story

Esports Coordinator, Western Michigan University