• Timber Ridge Ski Patrol They're dedicated, well-trained and all-volunteer
  • Northside Resurgence Entrepreneurs work with city to boost neighborhood development
  • Gamers, from left, Sarah Butler, Andrew Domino, Tim Webster and Christine Webster engage in a Dungeons & Dragons battle.

    Strange New Worlds From Magic to Heroes of Newerth, fantasy gaming is capturing people’s imaginations
New Views of HaitiKeith Mumma and the ICC help others see Haiti through the lens of compassion
Four CornersVocal jazz quartet is making itself heard

Up Front

Kalamazoo Candle Co.'s wares are both historic and handmade

Good Works

Borgess staffers make beautiful music in hospital-based choir


Fascinating food gifts that chefs and foodies will adore


Firm develops tools and methods to clean up contaminants


'The Kalamazoo Lady' is still creating at 83

The Last Word

Upcoming Events

Sunday, December 28, 2014 - 2:00 pm