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  • encore-magazine-feature-klines-resort-retirement-community-july-2019

    The scenic view of Portage Lake is just one of the amenities at Klines Resort.

    © 2019 Encore Publications/Brian Powers

    The Resort Life Family makes former fishing camp a retirement haven
  • encore-magazine-features-see-your-town-like-a-tourist-june-2019 See Your Town Like A Tourist Find fun at your fingertips
  • encore-magazine-feature-medieval-congress-eric-joseph-may-2019

    Eric Joseph blows one of the handmade horns that is among the wares he sells each year at the Medieval Congress at WMU.

    Going Medieval WMU gathering marks 54 years of studying all things Middle Ages
  • encore-magazine-feature-esports-wmu-players-April-2019

    Students try out for the esports teams at Western Michigan University. Photo courtesy of WMU.

    Esports Has Arrived Area schools and businesses get in on competitive gaming
  • encore-magazine-feature-pursuing-peace-team-march-2019

    Among those working together to stop group violence are, from left, Yafinceio Harris of Peace During War; Brian Parsons of Urban Alliance; Michael Wilder of Peace During War; Thosha Suggs, mother of group violence victim Timothy Palmer; and Dave Boysen, Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety Assistant Chief.
    Photo collage by Brian K. Powers.

    © 2019 Encore Publications/Brian Powers

    Pursuing Peace Street teams target individuals in effort to stop group violence
  • encore-magazine-feature-murphy-darden-portrait-february-2019 Wrangling Black History Local ‘cowboy’ lassos the past one artifact and artwork at a time
  • encore-magazine-feature-plaza-corp-kalamazoo-skyline-january-2019

    When completed, The Exchange building currently under construction in downtown Kalamazoo will bring a new outline to the city’s iconic skyline.

    © 2018 Encore Publications/Brian Powers

    Building Skyscrapers and Saving History PlazaCorp’s work is transforming Kalamazoo, one project at a time
  • encore-magazine-feature-see-your-town-June-2018

    © 2018 Encore Publications/Brian Powers

    See Your Town Like a Tourist Do what the locals do
  • encore-magazine-feature-artist-mary-hatch-may-2018

    The red glasses that artist Mary Hatch wears are nearly as memorable as her many paintings.

    © 2018 Encore Publications/Brian Powers

    What’s going on here? Mary Hatch’s paintings tell stories and ask questions
  • encore-magazine-features-gilmore-chenery-April-2018

    Crowds stream their way into Chenery Auditorium during the Gilmore Keyboard Festival.

    ©The Gilmore/Chris McGuire

    'Magic that can only happen here' Gilmore Festival aims to make Kalamazoo a 'cultural destination'
See Your Town Like A TouristFind fun at your fingertips
encore-magazine-feature-esports-understanding-arena-April 2019

Computers await players at WMU’s Esports Arena.

© 2019 Encore Publications/Brian Powers

E-what?Understanding the emerging world of esports

What's Happening in SW Michigan

Good Works

Art exhibit one of many outcomes of afterschool program


Outdoor dining blossoms with the flowers


Project for daughter’s wedding leads to event venue

Back Story

Director of the Kalamazoo Valley Museum