Revealed 2017

A treasure trove of unpublished Encore photos from this year's stories
WMU dance student Samantha Soltis rehearses Loïe Fuller’s Fire Dance. Photo taken for January 2017 Encore.

© 2017 Encore Publications/Brian Powers

So here’s one of the great things about a printed magazine: the photos.

Ever since the invention of the camera we have been a population possessed with shutterbug fever. And there are those among us who can capture single faces, places and moments with a camera in a way that is nothing short of artistic. Magazines have been singularly the best medium to bring those artistic creations to audiences.

While we try to give readers as many of the beautiful images created by our photographers as we can in each issue, we rue the fact that we have amazing images that don’t make it into print. It feels like having beautiful paintings and putting them in the back of a coat closet.

In this issue, we bring many of those images to light. Encore staff and photographer Brian K. Powers have sorted through hundreds of photo files to pick never-published pictures to share here.. Just like assorted chocolates, each one is unique and delicious in its own way.


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Many of these photos and others will be featured in our Art Hop exhibit, 5-8 p.m. Dec. 1, Mercantile Bank on the Kalamazoo Mall.

Encore staff and photographer Brian K. Powers will be on hand to meet and greet folks.

Hope to see you there!