Something Light

Take a Krampusnacht tour
Krampus was said to steal bad children from their homes on Krampusnacht.

A Christmas light tour in Kalamazoo will honor an obscure European, um, holiday called Krampusnacht.

This holiday is observed every Dec. 5 and involves people dressed as Krampus, a half-goat, half-demon anti-Santa, running through the streets frightening children and perhaps hitting a few of the naughtier ones with bunches of birch sticks.

To help you forget this horrific holiday tradition, or to celebrate it, the Kalamazoo Brew Bus is hosting a Krampusnacht Christmas Light Tour Dec. 5, with brewery stops and Christmas ale samples. There will not be any birch sticks, however.

The bus departs at 7 p.m. from Boatyard Brewing Co., 432 E. Paterson St., and you must be 21 to take this tour. Tickets are $25. Plan to bring some of your own brews, since you’re allowed to take them as well as food on the bus (as long as you can fit the items in a small cooler bag that fits under your seat).

For tickets or more information, call 760-8162 or visit