Past Issues

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May 2017

WMU journalists create Encore's May Issue, and it's great!

April 2017

More than a century old, family-owned Humphrey Products has weathered good times and bad

March 2017

Entrepreneur Kitty Copeland can't help but create success at KalamazooKitty

February 2017

How the journey toward equality and justice continues in Southwest Michigan and beyond

January 2017

Stephen Carver carries on the family legacy at the Civic Theatre

December 2016

Fetzer Institute works for a more loving world

November 2016

You don't have to go far to get away from it all

October 2016

The creative world of Steve Curl

September 2016

Four generations cultivate success of Mitchell’s Blueberries

August 2016

With her Blender Bike, Hether Frayer is on mission



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