Past Issues

November 2009

Matt Clysdale puts himself eyeball to eyeball with creatures among us.

October 2009

Running a company is just one of the roles of a busy Carole Holmes.

September 2009

KDPS Chief Jeff Hadley wants to make a positive difference.

May 2009

Summer in the city means reaping the benefits of Kalamazoo In Bloom volunteers who plant thousands of flowers.

April 2009

The Southwest Michigan Innovation Center is creating a renaissance, of sorts, in the field of science.

March 2009

After 85 years, 6,000 hours in the air, and flying in three wars, Walter Forbes is still in love with airplanes.

February 2009

Michigan Mushers like Jo Oostveen love their sport.

January 2009

For a peaceful vacation, visit Northern Michigan in the winter.

December 2008

As president, Juan Olivarez brings a wealth of experience to the Kalamazoo Community Foundation.

November 2008

When it comes to youth, Vic Ledbetter and Stacey Randolph believe in an ounce of prevention.



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