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September 01 2017

When you talk with Edward Montgomery, Western Michigan University’s new president, every answer is punctuated with a smile and a laugh.

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May 30 2017

“When you say, ‘Who are the poor?’ The poor are all of us.”

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November 01 2014

Western Michigan University’s award-winning Gold Company is back, even though it never really went away.

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August 28 2014

What’s in a name? For the past 128 years, many people here in Kalamazoo County would say “a lot,” especially when the name is W.E.

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June 01 2014

Chairing the board of directors at the local Boys & Girls Clubs isn’t simply a matter of agendas, minutes and financial reports for C

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February 01 2014

Music lovers with open minds as well as open ears will be treated to an aural feast at the upcoming New Sounds Festival.

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February 01 2014

Sometimes highly motivated people get a bad rap.

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